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Is there no age restriction for the Fantastic Four?

I remember back in the day when i’d play with matches because i was curious about fire….. Never in my life would i imagine playing with fire at the age of 65…. well my imagination is no match to a 65 year old man in Winnipeg…

Yesterday a 65 year old man was arrested by police for starting fires to 5 garbage bins and 1 house which endured a whopping $60,000 in damages .. Police were rattled that the man arrested was 65 as apposed to the more common pre-teens and teens who are the usual suspects in these type of crimes.

What i find even more funnier was that when they were arresting the man he gave 2 false names before the authorities used his fingerprints to identify him. Wow looks like this man saw the Good Charlotte music video for Girls & Boys. What a punk lol…

I sure hope his pension won’t bail him out of this one….