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A follow-up to Kens news on the Fort Gary Bridges

Our last new bridge was a beauty, lets cross our fingers and hope that these ones will be almost as good.. wait a minute…. these as in plural… congratulations Winnipeg you’ve got twins…

No they won’t be arriving in 9 months… they are due in 5.. actually they are already here…

Starting on Sunday some lanes of the Fort Gary twin bridges will be closed. So fair warning now.. if you drive through that area chances are that it’ll be pretty hectic. In fact just today Me and Ken we’re drivng though that area and i accidentally went into a lane that looked like it was closed off…. thank god it wasn’t yet so keep your eyes open.

For bus riders, routes 16, 51, 75, 76 and 101 will still be continuing on as usual.

for more info on this story surf towards The Winnipeg Sun..ALOHA!