Photo by Engadget Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

What an amazing keynote today at WWDC08!! It started of slow but really picked up when Jobs announced the 3G iPhone being available to 20 major countries (assuming Canada is included) on July 11!!! The new iPhone will featured 3G for highspeed downloads as well as built-in GPS!!!

The 3G iPhone will come in 2 models:

8GB Black Finish $199
16GB White Finish $299

Some highlights from Steve Job’s Keynote via Gizmodo:

“iPhone started off at $599 for an 8GB device, which now sells for $399 — we want to make it even more affordable. I’m happy to tell you the 8GB will sell for $199.”

“We think the iPhone 3G will be affordable to almost everyone. 16GB model for $299 — for that model we have a white one”

“70 countries this year. We’re going to start with 22 of the biggest, rolling out the iPhone 3G at the same time in all of these countries. July 11.”

What a great day for technology lovers all around the world!!


The iPhone will NOT be a ROGERS exclusive… it will also be available on FIDO!!