Planet Earth in HD DVD Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

If you are an early adopter of the HD-DVD Player or were able to catch one on clearance, then you will probably want the most sought after HD-DVD series that ever existed.

The 5-disc BBC version of the series is an amazing look at the Earth we live in today and shows you places that you will NEVER see in your lifetime.

It is simply an amazing experience and everyone should experience this dvd, and even better, in hd-dvd (or bluray :) )

The regular DVD can be purchased for $70, blu-ray for $100. But the discontinued HD-DVD is available for $31.

This beats the ones you can purchase in store as:
– Its the BBC version with the male narrator and not Sigorny Weaver
– It is the 5-disc special edition appose to 4-disc

The final price is £15.83 ($31 Canadian) with tax and shipping to Winnipeg. Since this is coming from the UK there is a slight chance you will get taxed when it comes in, worst case scenario is you pay an extra $10 for tax.

There were a few questions on if these UK DVD’s will play on a US HD-DVD Player. Simple answer is yes, all hd-dvd discs are region free.

Pick it up here.