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I got some sad news for everyone… the Backstreet Boys will be skipping Winnipeg for their cross Canada tour next month :(

Regina is getting one but Winnipeg seems to be out of the list. But keep the faith, there are 23 days between the Toronto and Regina shows that still leave light for a Winnipeg stop-over. So before you buy tickets to the Regina show or start planning the road trip, you might want to get some facebook groups going first. You’ll be surprised what kind of feedback these groups get – heck, they played a big part in getting the Glow in the Dark Tour to come to Winnipeg and Vancouver even though Kanye just did a concert there months before! If you do end up creating this group, let us know and we will gladly help promote it for you!

08/07/08 Toronto, ON
08/30/08 Regina, SK
08/31/08 Edmonton, AB
09/02/08 Calgary, AB
09/04/08 Vancouver, BC

UPDATE: The Backstreet Boys have announced that they are coming to Winnipeg!! Read here for more information.