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Oli and myself paid a visit to Ai-Kon, Winnipeg’s premiere Anime Convention. Really, with no personal experience to compare to, I had no clue what to expect.

There had to be just over a thousand people in attendance Saturday afternoon. The halls and lobby were filled to the brim with popular and obscure anime cosplayers of all ages. Several rooms were open for different events. A couple things I got to see were the Cosplay Masquerade, the Artist’s Room and the Vendor Room.

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Actually, I got to see the Vendor’s LINE UP. It was so long, that less than half the line got into the room by closing time. The artist’s room had a nice setup. It featured art and other things made by fans, for fans to purchase. A shame that pictures, bags, video cameras etc. were banned. The Cosplay Masquerade was something I guess is considered staple in the anime convention world. People literally spend weeks, even months, creating costumes modeled after anime/video game/movie characters. Some of them do a really spectacular job at capturing a character’s image. They even go so far as to learn and act out the body language… it’s almost creepy but it works well on stage.


I was unsure of whether I’d be able to see Ai-Kon for what it really was. You know, with an open mind to really enjoy the experience. Until Ai-Kon, I’ve only seen pictures of cosplayers around on the internet. While the average person would be quick to make fun of such events and the people that take part in them, Ai-Kon showed me that anime conventions are just another outlet where people of all sex, ages and races can come together and celebrate something they love. With a friendly atmosphere and people in cosplay, it’s pretty easy to have a good time. So, am I glad I went to Ai-Kon ? Yes, I am. My only problem now is deciding on what I should be going as next year…