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After all the scrutiny that Rogers had received over the new the data plans for the upcoming iPhone entry to Canada, they have now announced that the $100 6-gigabyte data plan will now only cost $30. The complaints came from many different types of blogs and online petitions at; a huge public outcry was made comparing the data plans with Rogers with the existing AT&T plans.

The plan now is not just for iPhones only apparently it also extends to all 3G Rogers branded smart phones.


Effective July 11, and as a limited time promotional offer for customers
who activate by August 31 on a three year contract, a data-only offering of
6GB of data for $30 per month is being made available that can be added to any
in-market voice plan. For example, with 6GB of data, iPhone 3G users can visit
35,952 web pages, or send and receive 157,286 emails, or watch 6,292 minutes
of YouTube videos each and every month.(xx)

New Canadian iPhone 3G customers will also have the choice to select from
Rogers Wireless’ existing voice and smartphone data plans and/or additional
features to best suit their needs, or from Rogers Wireless’ value bundled
plans specifically for iPhone 3G. Existing Rogers Wireless customers can keep
their current voice service plan and select a separate data plan to meet their
needs or choose from other plans after checking their individual upgrade

The iPhone goes on sale this Friday (July 11)