Public hand sanitizer Originally uploaded by TedRheingold

Public Hand Sanitizers are now being removed from all 77 schools in the Winnipeg School Division.

The school division claims that the alcohol-based hand sanitizer formula is flammable and toxic. The threat is that kids can get sick if it is ingested, or they can accidentally burn themselves.

However, Dr. Margaret Fast says “I have never heard or seen any research to suggest that it is toxic,”

The sanitizers will no longer be in any hallways or bathrooms, but students are still allowed to bring their own hand sanitizers to school.

My personal thoughts, it doesn’t make sense. If you are going to put a ban on hand sanitizers, then put a FULL ban on them. Something sounds fishy here, like a quick excuse to cut costs.

I can see the next article already “Hundreds of Kids Get Sick – Winnipeg School Division Ban Handshakes”