Are you an Assiniboine Credit Union member? Well if you are then “remember, remember the 14th of November”. On November 14th 2008 ACU will be changing their banking systems. Which means what? Which means your going to have to plan ahead. Seriously….

For the weekend of Friday, November 14th until Sunday, November 17th 2008 there will be limited access to your ACU account due to the system conversion.

Plan ahead. ACU is advising that you to take out money for the weekend before 5pm on Friday November 14th because your debit card might not work for the weekend. Or better yet have a credit card handy for that weekend.

Pay your bills online? Lucky for you with the change of systems all of your CU@HOME’s (ACU’s online banking system) bill payment information will transfer over. But, for the weekend of the 14th, you must do all online payments before 4:30pm on Friday the 14th.

I know this is all a lot to take in so if I lost you or you want additional information regarding this busy ACU weekend I’d advise you to head on over to the Assiniboine Credit Union Website.