Winnipeg from The Royal Crown Originally uploaded by Omega Man

One of Winnipeg’s most famous landmarks will turn no more. The Revolving Restaurant the sits on top of Fort Garry Place will make its last turn on December 31, 2008.

The Gill Family Trust, who operates the Revolving Restaurant and its banquet halls, has decided not to renew its lease once it expires at the end of the year. Declining sales (down almost $280,000 from last year) and lack of parking was the reason for the closure. The area has been selling a number of reserved monthly parking spots that have made it difficult for restaurant goers to find parking.

The buildings landlord, Edison Rental Agency, doesn’t expect the banquet halls to be open for reservation, or the revolving restaurant gears to turn again, for at least few months. Once new tenants move in they will have to make various adjustments to the facilities as they are in need of maintenance.

Though the food was never that great at the Revolving Restaurant, it sure was one of Winnipeg’s greatest landmarks and a great place to take tourists and visitors. It will be missed – but I am sure that it will reopen again very soon, and hopefully with some better food.