The opening acts for the Boyz II Men Concert have been announced. I am very excited to see some great Winnipeg talent shine!

Flo is a Canadian R & B phenomenon from Manitoba. Without hearing her sing a single note, one knows this woman is a lady, a queen. Strong and intelligent, her chocolate-honey alto sends audiences soaring. She is emotion and truth juxtaposed. Firmly rooted in R & B, with infusions of jazz, soul, and pop, she sings in a style reminiscent of the great voices of our times. She evokes the velvety-sensitive forthrightness of Sade, and the integrity and social awareness of Lauryn Hill. Embodying a pure desire to write, to sing, and to inspire, Flo travels into realms of soul that some artists never tap into… and this is only the beginning.

Chad Pollett
A fresh new vibe on the scene, the music of Chad Pollett is that of a messenger of soul. With an ear for music, a natural gift and an ability to play any instrument put in front of him – Chad Pollett is by far one of the most precious gems in the community today. Though new on the scene, Chad roots with music stem back to early childhood. He began training on the organ with Marilee Rising from the age of five in Saskatoon, Canada. At the age of fourteen, the Saskatoon Academy of Music noted Chad had an ear for music and at the lack of ability to train him any further due to natural talent, Chad departed the Academy. After experimenting with pianos, and keyboards, Chad quickly discovered the love for producing music and soon began performing with icons such as the Jordan Cook Band, Wide Mouth Mason and many more. Influenced and inspired by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Burton Cummings, 2pac, the Doobie Brothers, Musiq Soulchild and Boys II Men, Chad’s music is a creative replica of where he currently is in his life. At the tender age of 22, Chad’s gift is just beginning to flourish into the scene through music composition, production, singing and song writing. Don’t be fooled – his soulful voice has a soft, smooth edge, speaking a language of art and passion unique to his own. His music embraces and encompasses you wholeheartedly – leaving nothing but the true language of soul and music in your ears. A sound to be remembered – and a name never forgotten, Chad Pollett is a gem yet to be discovered …

Boyz II Men Live @ Burton Cummings Theatre February 21