Apple will be revealing details on the new iPhone 3.0 software update today at 12pm. Just to clarify, only details will be released today, the actual update will not go up at 12pm.

Rumored Features:
– Cut and Paste
Bluetooth and USB Data Tethering
Video recording

Of course, you can already do all of this by jailbreaking your iPhone. But it would be a lot cooler safer coming from Apple themselves.

We’ll keep this post updated as details are revealed.

UPDATE: Here is a list of all the surprising new features coming to Apple iPhone OS 3.0.

– Cut, Copy and paste
– Landscape keyboard on all applications including Mail, Notes, and SMS
– SMS: You can now forward and delete messages, individual message, or multiple messages
– MMS: You can now send photos, audio, vcards over the network (finally!)
– Voice Memo application
– Search!: Will search all your iphone applications including Mail, Calendar, iPod, and Notes
– New Search! Home Screen called Spotlight. Access it by flicking left while on your old home screen
– Other good features: Notes Sync, audio/video tags, live streaming, shake to shuffle, Wi-Fi auto login, Stereo Bluetooth, LDAP, iTunes account creation, YouTube ratings, Anti-Philshing, Call Log, Parental Controls, Media Scrubber, OTA profiles, VPN on demand, Languages, YouTube subscriptions, YouTube accounts and Encrypted profiles. Also, auto-fills. The biggest addition here is probably Stereo Bluetooth A2DP support.

The new update is expected to be out this summer and will be free for all iPhone customers.

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