OK, so this isn’t Winnipeg news or entertainment but it’s been mentioned on nearly every radio station over the past few days. If by chance you’ve been living under a rock and only have access to email, you’ve certainly received the YouTube link to hear this.

Susan Boyle is a 40-something year old woman who to the naked eye, looks like nothing special. But once she opens her mouth, it’s almost as though an angel is singing (as one friend put it).

Listen below to hear what we’re talking about. Watch how everyone in the audience including the judges have already pre-judged her but then are absolutely blown away by her performance. Seems like that’s common practice on these types of shows as you can see by the other performances below. Hit the jump for the videos.

Susan Boyle



Paul Potts stunned the audience with his opera singing despite being “just” a phone salesman!



Connie Talbot isn’t judged by her looks, rather by her age. At only 6, she’s the most talented pre-schooler I’ve even seen.



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Image 365 Days: Day 238. Britain’s Got Talent Originally uploaded by trulysomething :: RedToque Photography