Documents have been released that have NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman saying that he would prefer to see the Phoenix Coyotes move to Winnipeg than Hamilton. The court documents were part of the NHL team’s bankruptcy case.

Bettman wasn’t for the idea of moving the team to Hamilton since the Copps Coliseum is over 30 years old. He also added “if the team did return to Canada, it would be to Winnipeg.”

Background for Non-Hockey Fans:
In 1996, the Winnipeg Jets were move to Phoenix and renamed to the Phoenix Coyotes. Since then, the hockey team has been struggling and have recently filed for bankruptcy.

There has been various rumours of where the team will be moving to. But it’s looking like the Winnipeg Jets returning home is what the NHL wants. With the record ticket sales the MTS Centre has been reporting – I would not be surprised if financial partners start taking the idea of the NHL in Winnipeg more seriously.