While our swine flu scare has settled, it’s remnants still linger. A Winnipeg couple is fighting againts Air Canada to have their air fair refunded on a pair of tickets to Mexico.

The trip they had planned in April to Mexico was curbed thanks to the swine flu explosion. Not wanting to become a potential swine flu statistic, they went to their travel agency to try and change the vacation destinations. While the agency was more than happy to help, Air Canada wanted to charge a hefty change fee of 1000 dollars per ticket.

Air Canada is saying “no” to a refund due to the actual flight not being canceled and no travel advisory warnings being active at the time… oh, but a travel advisory warning did kick in 2 days after their departure date. That’s hardball for you though. It’s hard… and it’s a ball.

Go Air Canada.


Image Ewasko Chan Delarosa Flu Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg