In a classic case of Nobody likes it when it happens to them, Gags Unlimited in Osbourne has been targeted by pranksters. However these jokers are not content to simply play a harmless prank like leaving a whoopi cushion or bag of flaming poo. Owner Kerry Hogan says that while some graffiti is par for the course owning a business in Osbourne, these vandals have maliciously destroyed his property three times in as many weeks.

His Nissan S-Cargo van has had almost every window broken in these seemingly random acts that really remove a lot of the faith we’d like to have in the citizenry of our city. Though this does beg the question are these acts random or is the owner of a gag store the kind of man likely to have enemies? Maybe someone lost an eye to a can of nuts with springloaded snakes inside and now that person is out for revenge.