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Submitted by guest editor Mike G.


This Top Five is brought to you by Winnipeg in Spring. The world over Spring is known for a surge in hormones among the populace. In Winnipeg its known for flooding. And raging hormones. Take advantage of the nice weather before the mosquitos arrive in Summer making a long stroll uncomfortable, or, if you live in Wolsley, unthinkable (Learn to fog like the rest of us you heathens).

Armstrong Point:
Hampered by a lack of an actual place to sit at the end of your walk and make-out, Armstrong point nonetheless has enough talking points to ensure even a first date doesn’t laspe into awkward silence. Go at dusk and enjoy a leisure stroll among 100 year old manors and play a friendly game of “Lets Pick our Future Dream Home”, or on a sunny weekend try your luck at some midday garage/yard sales which are frequent in the area. Cautionary word though, historically I’ve found the amount of things you see displayed at a person’s sale is in inverse proportion to the actual usefulness of each item. Do yourself a favor unless you want to buy a broken lamp or ancient highschool textbook that refers to WWI as “trouble on the horizon”, stick to the more modest sales with fewer items.

Whether you gawk at the Zoo animals, lay out a blanket, wander the monkey trails or share a sundae from Sargeant Sundae, its all deadly when you do it hand in hand with your sweetheart at Ass park.

The Forks:
Personally I consider a Forks date a lay-up, if you can’t have a good time with a date on a nice day at the Forks chances are you can’t have a good time at all. However its almost too easy to like someone when you’re walking along the river having Frogurt and a laugh. If you want to see if its more than just Spring hormones take the river walk to cross Main St. and then head to VJ’s for a bite. Love is being able to sit across from someone while they demolish a VJ special.

Your Neighbourhood:
The best part about just strolling down your own block is that it puts you in close proximity to your own backyard afterwards. Backyard drinks (assuming you are of legal age) are a time honoured tradition and great way to enjoy the weather. To really make sure you get some sparks though you should really make sure your backyard is well equipped to entertain. This doesn’t mean go break the bank on a hot tub; a hammock, some decent patio furniture, anything really will do. A note to St Norbert readers, your Friznock poles do not count as entertainment. Unless your date is also from St Norbert, in which case Friznock is appropriate for anything from a first date to 10 year anniversary.

The cliché but with good reason. In no other place in Winnipeg is smell of pheromones, booze and a hint of Assiniboine River as pungent or dizzying as Corydon. Literally the only drawback to Corydon is its popularity, it can actually be hard to find a place to stop, however that can be overcome easily enough. Sure we all know about Cafe 22, Red Cactus, Bar Italia, Saffrons or even that Starbucks beside Subway as popular date spots. If you’re out for a stroll though and want to sit down for a bite or drink without having to wait as you will at all those other places I suggest one of the many Sushi restaurants which are typically less crowded but equally pleasant for a date.