Just a friendly reminder that Mystique, the night club thats set to join the Exchange scene, opens next weekend. Judging by how many of you have entered our VIP contest this reminder might be a bit unwarranted. People seem anxious to check out the nightclub that’s going to unite the elements of partying with the natural elements with the best rum in the world. Shameless Sailor Jerry plug again but oh well.

I think I’ll be there on the Friday just to check it out and then on the Saturday to actually party with the rest of the Access Winnipeg team. If you need to find me just look for the guy with the rum and coke.

COAT CHECK UPDATE: Mystique continues to stand out over all other clubs in Winnipeg by announcing a $1.50 coat check. Let’s face it… Winter is just around the corner and we’re going to have to haul those winter jackets very soon. I recall paying as much as $5 at other Winnipeg clubs for coat check! It’s great to see a club that is not taking advantage of the cold winter weather we have in Winnipeg.

“While it would be great to go free it has been our experience that if you go free people don’t have any reason to pull their change out of their pocket to tip and as many of you said, coat check people deal with a lot of headaches at the end of the night.

We are going to go with a $1.50 coat check which is a bit below the avg.”

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