The Winnipeg Police Service Commercial Crime Unit is currently investigation a debit card skimming operation at a number of businesses throughout Winnipeg.

The initial investigation has revealed that pin-pads were compromised by the suspects and information belonging to persons paying for their purchases using the pin-pads was collected. The information has since been used by the suspects to conduct a number of fraudulent transactions in Eastern Canada.

It’s tricky to get information about what stores are affected as this can seriously hinder business, however one store that was hit was already trying to make up for it. In fact, we posted about them unknowingly earlier today. Who was it? Hit the jump to see as well as the rest of the police notice.

The affected businesses and financial institutions are working cooperatively with the Winnipeg Police Service to assist with the investigation.

The investigation is in its initial stages and involves hundreds of victims. It is anticipated that it will take several months for investigators to gather the necessary information to complete their investigation. No further information will be available for a significant period of time.

Anyone who believes they have been victimized in this fashion is asked to contact their financial institution.

Additional information on how to protect yourself against debit and credit card fraud is available on the Winnipeg Police Service website.

Additional information for business owners and retail managers is also available at here.

Oh, and one of the companies? Click here to see.

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