McDonald’s Monopoly is back and has been going on for a few weeks now. In-store promotions ends on November 2, 2009 but you can continue to enter codes online through November 16, 2009.

Here is a list of all the rare game pieces:

* Mediterranean Avenue (Rare) and Baltic Avenue. 2,000 people will win $50.
* Short Line (Rare), Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, B&O Railroad. 750 people will win $500.
* Vermont Avenue (Rare), Oriental Avenue, and Connecticut Avenue. 125 people will win $1,000.
* Virginia Avenue (Rare), St. Charles Place, and States Avenue. 75 people will win $2,000.
* Tennessee Avenue (Rare), St. James Place, and New York Avenue. 10 people will win $5,000.
* Kentucky Avenue (Rare), Indiana Avenue, and Illinois Avenue. Six people will win $10,000.
* Ventnor Avenue (Rare), Atlantic Avenue, and Marvin Gardens. Eight people will win $25,000.
* Pennsylvania Avenue (Rare), Pacific Avenue, and North Carolina Avenue. Four people will each win $50,000.
* Boardwalk (Rare) and Park Place. One person will win $1,000,000.


Image Monopoly Game! Originally uploaded by Fu Man Jew