Remember all those Google Street View cars rolling around Winnipeg earlier this year? Well Google will be finally flicking the switch on Google Street View Canada today!

It has gone live for several Canadian cities (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto), but Winnipeg doesn’t seem to be up yet. There is a Google press conference in Vancouver right now where Google will officially make the announcement and hopefully flick the switch for Winnipeg’s map.

Once its ready, you’ll be able to go to Google Maps and drag the yellow person icon to anywhere you want to see Street View.

I can’t wait to see the funny awesome photos of Winnipeg! Our next contest will definitely be ‘Who can find the best Street View image.”

Let’s hope that the delay isn’t due to our maps still being broken.

UPDATE: According to Google’s official blog post, only Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Banff, Calgary, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Quebec City and Halifax will be live today. Other cities will follow shortly.

Toronto’s CN Tower Streetview Embedded:

Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps that provides for many streets in the world 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic views from a row of positions along the street (one every approximately 10 or 20 metres), from a height of about 2.5 metres.

UPDATE: Google Street View Winnipeg is now LIVE! Click here to view it.