Find yourself in the middle of the city with no Internet access? Well MTS Internet customers will be glad to hear that MTS is offering FREE access to any of their local Wi-Fi hot spots. Free access is available to MTS Internet customers only.

What is a Wi-Fi hot spot? It allows you to connect to the Internet wirelessly where a wired or free public wireless Internet connection may not be available. Normally, MTS would charge you to connect to their various hot spots. A great example is the MTS Wi-Fi hot spot at the Airport.

You probably have tried to connect to one of these hot spots at one point in time and noticed that whenever you tried to go to a webpage it asked you for login credentials. Upon logging in the standard MTS rate is $1.50/hour. Alternatively, you can purchase unlimited access for $20/month.

But until December 31, 2010, you can simply login with your MTS account and surf for FREE. Your login information will be the same information you use to login to your Internet and MTS account. Since this is now a world of routers and automatic Internet connections at home, you probably don’t know this information and will have to call MTS at 225-5687 to obtain it. It will be something like

Happy surfing! For more information on MTS Wi-fi click here. For a map of all MTS Wi-Fi Hot Spots click here.

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