Wondering why the US was so firm on getting full-body scanners at the airports? Well this is exactly why.

British intelligence service MI5 has discovered that female suicide bombers are smuggling and hiding explosives in their breasts using the same techniques as your typical Hollywood breast enhancement (aka Boob Job).

The devices are made of pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) and is one of the most powerful explosives on the planet. The PETN is placed into a bag shaped like a breast implant and inserted into the female suicide bombers breasts. MI5 has also discovered that male suicide bombers are doing the same procedure to their buttocks.

The explosion from one C-cup breast is enough to open a large hole in an airplane and cause it to crash.

PETN is easily detected using scanners and chemical tests, but almost impossible to detect when inside the body.

Suddenly, the full-body scanners at our Winnipeg Airport doesn’t sound like such a bad idea anymore.


Image 500x_c4-explosive Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg