MPI reported that over 400 vehicles equipped with immobilizers were stolen in 2009. But how could this be if the system is designed to make vehicle theft nearly impossible?

The answer is easy… thieves steal your keys first, then steal your car. MPI reports the most common way to steal an immobilizer equipped vehicle is for the thieves to follow the driver into a bar or party, then steal their keys when they aren’t paying attention.

Another method, which we’ve heard all over the news, is car invasions – where thieves steal the vehicle while the driver is still in the car. And then the dumbest method, is when drivers leave their car running for seconds while they run into a building to get something.

How can this be prevented?
– Leave your car keys with you at all times
– Do not leave your keys unattended in your jacket pocket if bringing it to coat check or leaving on a stool
– Lock your doors when driving
– Never leave your keys in the ignition if you’re not in the car


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