There are over 2500 types of mangoes, but commercially we consume around only around 200 types. The mango is high in antioxidants, potassium, has over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, and it’s rich in fibre.

The Ataulfo mango, a.k.a “the Manila Mango” is one of the best tasting types of mangoes, being that it has a small flat pit, with its flesh being fibrous free rich, and sweet. This fruit can be found in Mexico, where they’re called supreme mangoes “Mangoes de Manila.” It can be found in the Philippines cultivated in the region of Cebu, where it’s the national symbol of the country. The season is usually between March & September, however the summer months will yield the sweetest fruit.

Choosing the Fruit:
Pick one that’s bright golden yellow, blemish & wrinkle free. When its unripe, it’s green, and it’s quite sour to taste. Like a banana, it turns yellow & sweet when ripe.
Overly ripen mangoes will start to soften and blemish, it is best to use them in a smoothie.

How to Eat the Fruit:
Only the flesh of the mango is consumed. The mango can be eaten fresh ripe, dried, puree, used as a topping on ice cream; or even blended into a smoothie. In Thailand it is served as a dessert sliced and laid over a bed of glutinous rice flavoured with coconut milk. In Taiwan it is laid over a bed of ice drizzled with condensed milk.

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