The Apple launch of the iPad in Winnipeg was a huge success last weekend. Our Apple Store at Polo Park Shopping Centre is reportedly sold out of all 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi and 3G models. 64GB Wi-Fi and 3G models are still available.

Future Shop and Best Buy are not taking any online orders or in-store pick-up options due to a supply shortage. Rogers has decided not to sell the iPad and only provide data plans.

Worldwide, Apple has already sold two million iPads in under 60 days! It took two years for Apple to sell two million iPods, and four months to sell two million iPhones. They are really stepping up their game.

Though we can expect all stores to eventually be over-stocked with these things in the coming weeks, Winnipeg buyers will have to resort to ordering online at’s ship date currently simply states June.

Shipping Delay’s
Did you pre-order an iPad on May 10 but didn’t receive it on launch day? Then be sure to call Apple and express your disappointment. Many Canadians who preordered on May 10 but didn’t receive their iPad on launch as promised are getting various accessories as a reimbursement.

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