The Apple iPad is now available in Canada. It is available wherever Apple products are sold (, Apple Store Polo Park, Best Buy, Futureshop, etc). Over 60 people lined up at the Apple Store in Polo Park this morning, which opened at 8:00am for the event. The first gadget junkies were seen lining up at midnight.

Pricing are as follows:

16GB $549.00
32GB $649.00
64GB $749.00

Wi-Fi + 3G
16GB $679.00
32GB $779.00
64GB $879.00

Depending on your usage, I would recommend a 32GB Wi-Fi model. New iPad Apps and HD video take up a lot of space… 16GB was enough for my iPhone, but just doesn’t cut it on the iPad.

If you are considering 3G, you’ll have to ask yourself if you will be using it a lot in places where Wi-Fi isn’t available. Personally, I have Wi-Fi available almost everywhere I go. If I am on a bus and need to check email or browse a webpage, I would rather do it on my phone than take out an iPad. So 3G wasn’t for me.

The choice is yours… either way… I think everyone should have one of these devices. They are simply amazing.


Image 07-04-10 Apple ipad 17 Originally uploaded by Jinod