Winnipegers on the Rogers Wireless network can now enjoy blazing wireless Internet with the newly launched HSPA+ network (High Speed Packet Access Plus)

HSPA+ is up two 3 times faster than the current 3G network (which delivers speeds up to 7.2Mbps). The new technology will deliver Internet to your mobile device at speeds of 21 megabits per second. You’ll be able to stream HD YouTube video and music on the road just like you would on a home network. The network is accessible via the Rogers Rocket Mobile Internet Stick (a USB stick that you connect to your laptop) and HSPA+ capable phones.

Please note, not all mobile devices support HSPA+. The iPhone 3G and 3GS only supports HSPA, but expect the next generation iPhone fully support the HSPA+ network. The release of the 3G iPad at the end of the month will also benefit from the faster network. Currently, Rogers is the only carrier to offer HSPA+ in Winnipeg.

Image Mobile vehicles and digital gadgets Originally uploaded by Toban Black