Access Winnipeg has teamed up with out friends at to provide all readers $4 unlock codes for their Fido/Rogers cellphone! Telus phones are $10.

Don’t fall for any shady overpriced unlockers like the one photoed above. provides a simple way of unlocking your phone. All you have to do is provide your cellphones name and IMEI with your payment, then within hours, you’ll receive instructions along with a code to unlock your phone. Note that not all cellphones are supported. Most blackberry’s are on the list but the iPhone isn’t.

Why Unlock Your Phone?
– Easier to sell. iPhone 4 comes out in July, and chances are you want to sell your current phone asap. Due to the cellphone lock, you’ll only be able to sell a Rogers phone to a Rogers customer. But with an unlocked phone, your customer base opens worldwide. You’ll be able to sell an Unlocked Phone to anyone from Rogers, Fido, and even US carriers such as AT&T.
– Save on Roaming Charges. Travelling overseas for a long period of time? You can purchase a Pay As You Go Sim card (usually for very cheap) and stick it into your unlocked Phone. You now have a local number that you can make calls to. You will even save money when making phone calls back home. No more roaming charges.
– Use your phone on different networks. When you’ve completed your contract with Rogers, you can easily move your phone to another network, all you need is another SIM card.

Is It Legal?
Yes, the new copyright bill passing this year makes it legal for consumers to unlock their phone as long as they respect the terms of their contract.

Use the coupon code ACCESSWINNIPEG or follow this link to get $4 unlock codes for Rogers/Fido and $10 unlock codes for Telus.

* Please note, is in no way profiting from phones unlocked using the coupon code on this article.


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