Apple dropped the jaws of people around the world again today with another amazing product line.

I’m most excited about the new iPod touches with facetime… It’s going to be awesome to facetime with people without an iPhone!

iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2
Steve Jobs revealed that iOS 4.1 will be available for the iPhone and iPod next week, and iOS 4.2 for iPad will be available in November. This is great news for iPad owners such as myself. Finally the iPad will catch with all the awesome multitasking/folders features that the iPhone iOS4 has.

iOS 4.1 brings Gamecenter (Apples version of XBOX Live) as well as HDR Photography. You’ll also now be able to upload HD video to YouTube over WiFi.


iPod Shuffle
The iPod Shuffle now has buttons again. It is the same size as the last gen shuffle, but now with the familiar buttons. The price is also amazing. A 2GB shuffle will run you $59!



iPod Nano
The iPod Nano looks awesome!! It runs a mini version of iOS with a touch screen and does almost everything an iPod Touch does! Think of it as a mini version of an iPod touch.

It has voice controls as well as a built-in FM radio. It also sports the same clip on the back so you can still wear it wherever you go.

The regular colours are available. 8GB $159. 16GB $189.




iPod Touch
The iPod Touch has now been updated to have everything an iPhone 4 has except the phone. It will have the same HD Retina Display as well as a front facing and back camera.

The camera can be used to do facetime calls over wifi. Facetime calls on an iPod Touch are triggered via email address.

8GB $249. 32GB $319. 64GB $429.



Apple TV
It doesn’t look like Apple was able to license the name iTV so they will stick to the Apple TV name. Apple TV got a big refresh today. It now has an all black matte finish and its 4 times smaller than the original Apple TV. It is comparable to a hockey puck. The new Apple TV will be 100% HD and have TV rentals for only $.99. It will have internal storage and can also play video/photos/audio over wifi. Apple also slashed the price making it only $119.

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