Those hoping to pick up a discount on a shiny new phone from Rogers might have to wait a bit longer. Rogers has announced that they will be moving their HUP (Hardware Upgrade) eligibility to 30 months.

Rogers started off their HUP eligibility at 12 months, where customers can get a new phone at discount price every year. Then a couple years ago it was pushed back to 24 months. Now, it has been pushed back even further to 30 months (2 and half years).

So within your 3 year contract, you wont be eligible for a new device until 30 months into that contract.

[quote] FAQ’s

Q: I’ve been waiting months to get the (recently launched device) and now I can’t because I’m not eligible. Why did the HUP policy change?
A: We’ve recently made some changes to the Hardware Upgrade program that reflect the higher cost and advanced functionality of today’s feature phones and smartphones. These changes ensure our customers can continue to upgrade to the newest devices. We constantly review our plans and policies so that we can continue to offer the best devices at the best value to all of our customers in a timely manner.

Q: Why are you doing this without any notice to customers?
A: Device pricing, Hardware Upgrade policies and eligibility are promotional in nature. Therefore, like all promotions, the upgrade program is subject to change and may be cancelled at any time. Hardware upgrade pricing and policy cannot be guaranteed beyond the time of initial quotation..

Q: How will customers be notified of these HUP changes?
A: Customers who want to determine their device eligibility should visit a Rogers retail location or go to[endquote]

Please note that the iPhone 4 Early HUP is a bit different and has special eligibility. But if you are looking at another phone… then you will be out of luck. The iPhone 4 Early HUP runs until the end of 2010.


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