Today, I witnessed first hand the power of Winnipeggers, Winnipeg Media, and the Internet. One girl, brought all the powers of Winnipeg local media together to get her name around the world. In one day, Maria Aragon’s journey went from being tweeted by Lady Gaga, tweeted by Ellen, viewed on various Hollywood television shows, viewed on various Philippines news segments, speaking on the phone with Lady Gaga herself live on Hot 103, then being invited by Gaga herself to sing a duet with her at her Toronto show.

With Winnipeg only hitting global news with tragedies such as a bus beheading… it’s awesome for us to finally be seen by the world in a different light. I’m still speechless… and though I play a small part in Winnipeg’s media scene, I’ve never been more honoured, than I am now, to be part of it.

“If you don’t know… now you know…”