If you still haven’t signed up for Netflix yet, then this will probably help you pull the trigger. For a limited time, sign up for a Netflix free trial and receive a $15 Domino’s Pizza Gift Card.

What is Netflix? It’s an online streaming service that allows you to stream HD quality movies to various devices including PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, WII, PS3, XBOX 360, and many more!

The selection isn’t too bad but you shouldn’t expect any new release day titles. At the time of this post, the newest title they have is Iron Man 2, but there is always something great to find in their huge library of movies – and for $7.99 a month, I’m not complaining.

[quote]Only new, first-time Netflix members and their households are eligible for this offer. You must successfully start a Netflix free trial to receive this offer. Dominos Gift Card: Dominos will send you an email, to the email address you provided during your Netflix signup, in order to collect your address for Gift Card fulfillment. Please allow up to four (4) weeks after you start your free trial for Dominos Gift Card delivery.[endquote]

If you’re not happy with the free one month trial, you can cancel and keep the Domino’s gift card. You unfortunately do have to provide credit card/paypal information to get a free trial.


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