Until the end of the month (March 2011), Telus Mobility will be offering free cellphone calls to Japan. Any long distance calls made to Japan will be credited on your next bill. This comes just after they announced that they’ll donate $100,000 to help relief efforts.

[quote]TELUS is making all consumer calls to Japan free through the end of the month, wireless and wireline. A number of our team members and customers have deep ties to Japan, and we want to support them in any way that we can. We are also looking at whether we can offer free text messages as well, but that proved technically impossible in such a short time frame over the weekend. [endquote]

This is great news for all Telus Winnipeg customers with ties to Japan. Overseas calls can get very pricey, especially in times like this. My hats go off to Telus for seeing the demand, and offering their services for free when it’s needed the most.


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