The City of Winnipeg is looking to earn an additional $2.5 million in parking revenue this year. This will be done by extending pay hours and increasing rates and parking fines.

The cities 2011 business plan calls for an extra $800,000 in fines to be distributed this year! So play it smart. Parking officers will be out in full force this year handing out tickets left and right.

Pay hours on city streets will now begin one hour earlier at 8am and extend into the evenings. Parking rates in high-demand areas will now double to $2 per hour during the day. These areas include Broadway, the Portage Avenue strip, Main Street and the Exchange District.

Pretty much bad news all around… but if you play it smart, and pay the metres, you should be fine. The extra $1 charge hurts the change in our pockets, but it’s expected that the money will be put to good use.


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