The province has introduced a new cellphone contract law that can potentially save Manitoban’s as much as $640 a year on some contracts.

Here are a few highlights of the new Cellphone Contract rules:

* allow customers to cancel a contract before the end of term
* ban unreasonable cancellation fees
* require the minimum monthly cost to be included in advertisements
* stopping charges for service that can’t be accessed due to damaged or defective equipment, unless the customer is responsible;
* ending unilateral amendments to a material element of a contract if the change doesn’t benefit the customer;
* requiring companies to fully disclose and explain all charges and terms
* limiting automatic contract renewals.

These new laws match Quebec’s cellphone contract law and is expected to be in place in 2012. Hopefully just in time for me to get an iPhone 6.


Image The Apple Iphone 3GS gets a Phone. Originally uploaded by Ninja M.