A group by the name of LulzSec has hacked various online databases and obtained account information from over 62,000 users. Recently, they have made this list public.

The hacked accounts come from various sources including Sony Music, ABC, Sony Pictures, Nintendo and even the CIA.

Has your information (including password) been compromised? You can easily check if your email address is in the publicly released list by entering it below:

Here is what the checker will do:
“This widget checks the lists with an email address and is the absolute best way to see if any of your personal information, such as email accounts, passwords home addresses, telephone numbers and more, has been compromised as if your email is there, your other information might be as well. This widget checks all of LulzSec’s publicly released lists, not just the latest one.”

If you are reading this, then it’s highly recommended that you put in the various email addresses you use and check if it’s in the database. The widget comes from http://lulzsec.cloudcontrolled.com/.

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