New parents throughout the province always run into the same problem: where to bring their child when they go back to work?

The province today announced the launch of their new Online Child Care Registry.

The Online Child Care Registry makes it easier for families to find and apply for licensed child care in Manitoba. It provides information about child care providers, lets you register with as many providers as you want in your neighbourhood and surrounding area, and places your child’s name on the waiting list of all the providers who meet your needs. The information you provide (contact information, child care needs, etc) can also be quickly updated with all the providers at the same time.

The single hub can:
* Find licensed child care providers that meet your needs.
* Register your children with several providers at once.
* Show that you are already on a provider’s waiting list.
* Learn more about Manitoba child care providers.
* Update your contact information and child care needs when they change.

Online Child Care Registry

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