So how safe are vehicles on Winnipeg roads? On August 21 2011, Winnipeg Police conducted an advertised inspection program, inviting anyone to attend with there vehicle for a free inspection without concern of any repercussion.

Vehicles were lined up around the block and continued none stop until shortly after 5:00pm – numerous vehicles had to be turned away.

A total of 77 vehicles were inspected. Of those, only 27 passed. The high number of fails should be expected. Most vehicle owners that go to these things fully expect to have a few failures.

Defects identified were in the following groups:

Lamps: 29 defects
Steering: 18 defects
Frame (primarily rust): 16 defects
Brakes: 10 defects
Other (loose battery, mirror, bumper): 10 defects
Exhaust: 6 defects
Windshield: 5 defects
Suspension: 3 defects
Horn: 2 defects
Wipers/washers: 1 defect
Seat Belt: 1 defect
Tires: 1 defect
Fuel: 1 defect

Looks like a lot of aftermarket HID‘s :)