Image Angry dog – Uploaded by TonyTsangHK

Someone must have really pissed off Animal Services to have them bring out the zero-tolerance statement.

Beginning September 1, 2011, owners of dogs over six months of age without a license are subject to a $250 fine, plus court costs if caught without a license.

The zero-tolerance policy follows Calgary, who has a 90% licensing compliance rate. Winnipeg’s is estimated to be around 40%.

Dog licenses cost $27 a year for spayed/neutered dogs, and $62 for others. Last month, the city unveiled its Online Dog Licensing to make it easier than ever to license your dogs.

Where Does Dog Licensing Money Go?

* A facility for the care of stray dogs
* Reuniting stray dogs with their owners
* Emergency services to assist police in the removal of dogs:
* * house fires
* * car accidents
* An Adoption Program at Animal Services which allows adoptable dogs to be adopted to new families.
* Animal Services Officers to help resolve neighbourhood disputes involving animals.