Lotto Max Sets Record with $100 Million
Image Lotto Max – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Lotto Max will set a new record when its pool prize reaches $100 million this Friday, the largest ever in Canadian history. No one won the June 29, 2012 jackpot so it was carried over.

The draw on July 6, 2012 will be for one $50 million jackpot, and 50 individual $1 million jackpots. There will be 51 draws in total. To win, all 7 numbers must match.

Please play responsibly! Remember, your odds of winning are one in 28,633,528. Those odds are so long that you are more likely to:

* Be killed in a terrorist attack while traveling (1 in 650,000).
* Die of flesh-eating disease (1 in one million).
* Be killed by lightning (1 in 56,439).

The funnest fact: You are more likely to die in a car accident while driving to the store to buy your Lotto Max, than actually winning the jackpot.

If you were to buy 50 Lotto Max tickets a week, you are very likely to win the jackpot at least once — in 5,000 years. [CBC LOTTO ODDS] [LOTTOMAX]