Fox and Fiddle Restaurant and Pub

Hello Winnipeg, we are Mr. and Mrs. Restaurant. We’re passionate about food, but not about cooking. After growing tired of everyday chain restaurants, we began our search for the best hidden eateries the city has to offer. Ever wonder if that trendy new place is worth the money; or if that greasy burger joint lives up to all the hype? Just ask Mr. and Mrs. Restaurant!

Fox and Fiddle Restaurant and Pub

[flickr style=”border:none; padding:4px; border:1px solid #BDBDBD; float:right; margin-left:5px;”]photo:8019771643[/flickr]Fox and Fiddle has been open for a little over a week, and while it is a well-known franchise in Ontario; it is a new addition to Winnipeg’s restaurant scene and we wanted to try it out!

Fox and Fiddle describes itself as classic pub fare, using high quality ingredients so we imagined it might be similar to Tavern United with more meals options. Upon entering Fox and Fiddle, you can’t help but be blown away at their beautiful location. They operate out of an old bank in the heart of Winnipeg’s Exchange District, and the historic opulence of the building is undeniable. Obviously parking can be an issue, but once you’re in there, Fox and Fiddle is a great place to be!

Their menu is lengthy, but organized, with their most-popular dishes (according to our server) being their boneless buffalo chicken bites and their Chipotle Chicken Wrap. There are a lot of choices for appetizers and the menu continues with many sandwiches, wraps, and burgers. For mains, there are options like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and steaks. An appetizer that sounded like a must-try was their Spinach Cheese and Bacon dip (served with pita chips).

[flickr style=”border:none; padding:4px; border:1px solid #BDBDBD; float:right; margin-left:5px;”]photo:8019772029[/flickr]We decided to go with the Chipotle Chicken Wrap, and the Fish and Chips. The wrap’s filling had a great mix of flavors and the soft tortilla it came in was toasted to eliminate any chance of it becoming soggy. The Fish had a thick and crunchy beer batter; which we really enjoyed but some people may consider the batter to be a bit too thick. The chips are wedge style fries with a bit of seasoning and we would recommend adding a side of the gravy. It has a really unique flavor that almost tastes like there is bit of curry or cumin added in.

All in all, their menu options were ordinary, and along the lines of what you might expect from a classic pub-style restaurant but we were still pleased with our food. Before Fox and Fiddle opened, we thought it might end up being one of those places with mediocre meal options, but is a good spot for drinks. Turns out, their food is pretty good and we’ll definitely be going back to try more of their menu items.

We visited Fox and Fiddle for an earlier Sunday dinner, and it wasn’t too busy but we can imagine that on a weekend, this place could get packed! It is located within walking distance to many nightclubs and bars, and would make a good place for drinks and appetizers before your next night out.

Fox and Fiddle Restaurant and Pub
456 Main St.
(204) 505-1511