As reported in February, prices for popular beer brands in Manitoba will increase effective Friday, March 8, 2013.

The increase is the result of both a supplier price increase, as well as an 80¢ increase in the MLCC’s markup; the MLCC’s first adjustment since 2010.

The combination of supplier and MLCC increases means that popular beer brands such as Budweiser and Molson Canadian will increase in price from $21.75 to $23.75 per 12-pack, including sales taxes and bottle deposits.

Also as previously reported, the MLCC will implement a $0.622/litre increase on spirits to take effect on April 1, 2013 resulting in a 47¢ increase on a 750ml bottle.

The price increase on both beer and spirits is made up of the following:

– MLCC increase
– Supplier increase
– Licensee markups
– Sales taxes (PST & GST)
– Bottle deposits

Revenues generated by the MLCC are reinvested through government priority programming to support education, health care and public safety.