New CRTC Wireless Code to Protect Consumers
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The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has introduced a new wireless code that will enhance protections for all Canadians when it comes to cellphones and mobile devices.

Under the new CRTC Wireless Code, consumers will have the right:
* to cancel contracts at no cost after a maximum of two years, regardless of the length of agreement;
* to limit extra data charges to $50 per month and international roaming charges at $100;
* to have phones unlocked after 90 days or immediately if the phone was paid in full;
* to pay no extra charges for a service described as unlimited;
* to have services suspended at no cost if a phone is lost or stolen; and
* to have the contract in an alternative format at no charge and a longer (30-day) trial period for anyone with a disability.

The CRTC Wireless Code will apply to new contracts starting on December 2, 2013.