Booster Seats Now Required Until the Age of 9
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Effect August 8, 2013, protective booster seats will be required for children who have outgrown forward-facing car seats but are still too small to safely use a seatbelt on their own.

The new legislation and regulations will require the use of booster seats until children meet specific age, weight or height requirements. Starting August 8, 2013, children will be required to remain in booster seats until they are at least:

  • 145 centimetres (4’9″) tall;
  • 36 kilograms (80 pounds); OR
  • nine years old.

Currently, boosters seats are only required until a child reaches the age of five or a weight of 22 kg (50 lbs.).

Booster seats are on the list of items exempt from provincial sales tax, ensuring they are as affordable as possible for Manitoba families. For more information on booster seats, go to