McLobster Coming to Winnipeg?
Image Yes…. it’s a McLobster – Uploaded by jonchia

The McLobster is a lobster-based sandwich that (until today) McDonald’s has only offered in the Maritimes.

McDonalds’ Description: 100% Atlantic Lobster meat is what this classic is all about. It’s the perfect combination of diced celery, light salad dressing and shredded lettuce all on a soft roll. You’ll miss it when it’s gone, so catch it while summer’s here!

The McLobster has finally crawled away from the Maritimes and has showed up at various McDonalds locations in Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area for $6.80+tax – could Winnipeg be next?!?

Will you try the McLobster?

  • Yes (72%)
  • Bring back McPizza (21%)
  • No (6%)
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