Apple is rumoured to release two successors to the iPhone 5 on September 10, 2013. Here’s what they might look like.

The iPhone 5S update will just like when the iPhone 4 got a 4S update. It will be visually similar to the iPhone 5 but have upgraded internals, camera, and flash. It is also rumoured to come in a new gold/champagne colour with a finger print sensor on the home button.

The iPhone 5C (C for colour) will be a new ‘budget’ version of the iPhone 5S. It will be a ‘cheaper’ version of the iPhone 5S and have a weaker processor. The specs will be almost identical to the current iPhone 5 but come in a new ‘plastic’ shell and various colours.

Keep on eye on on September 10 for the official announcement. Reminder that the video above is simply conceptual and nothing is confirmed as of yet.