Le Garage Cafe

Hello Winnipeg, we are Mr. and Mrs. Restaurant. We’re passionate about food, but not about cooking. After growing tired of everyday chain restaurants, we began our search for the best hidden eateries the city has to offer. Ever wonder if that trendy new place is worth the money; or if that greasy burger joint lives up to all the hype? Just ask Mr. and Mrs. Restaurant!

Le Garage Cafe

[flickr style=”border:none; padding:4px; border:1px solid #BDBDBD; float:right; margin-left:5px;”]photo:10019468384[/flickr]Le Garage Café is a restaurant and live music venue located right on Provencher Boulevard in St. Boniface. This is a great place to order a bottle of wine and watch an open mic night, enjoy a touring blues or jazz act; or even just a place to get a quick dinner after work.

We weren’t sure how the food would be at Le Garage, considering they are primarily a live music venue but their menu doesn’t disappoint. Since they’re open till at least 1:00 am every night, the menu is split into three sections; Lunch, ‘After 5pm’ and ‘At Night’ but they’ll do their best to serve your choice anytime of the day. The lunch menu includes the usual burger and sandwich options, along with some unique must-try items like the Lobster Shrimp Roll and the Pulled Pork Mac n Cheese. Their Tourtiere is a traditional approach to the well-known French meat pie, and makes for a hearty and satisfying meal.

The dinner menu includes casual options like Chicken Fingers or Pickerel Sticks and some more refined choices like Maple Dijon Pork Medallions or Chicken Confit. Le Garage claims that their poutine can stand up to Canada’s best, and with homemade skinny fries, a generous amount of cheese curds and salty gravy; they’re not lying, it’s a great poutine.

If you’re looking for a different and fun idea for a night out, check out their calendar and visit one of their next live music nights. But if you’re just looking for a quiet spot for dinner, give Le Garage a try; they’re more than just music!

Le Garage Cafe
166 Provencher Blvd
(204) 237-0737