REMINDER: 7-Eleven: Bring Your Own Cup Day Today
Image SLURPEE – Uploaded by Jeremy Brooks

Celebrate the first day of Spring with a Slurpee! Today is 7-Eleven’s Bring Your Own Cup Day! From 11:00am – 7:00pm, bring your own cup to any 7-Eleven in Canada and you can fill it up with Slurpee for only $1.49.

Before you go searching for a 5 litre cup, here are a few rules:

  • Cups can be a maximum 26cm wide and 26cm high when full. It must also fit in a measuring device that will be available in-store.
  • The cup has to be water tight and leak proof (ie, you can’t use your hat as a cup)
  • One cup per person. No refills.
  • The cup must be food safe clean.
  • Staff has the right to restrict containers if they don’t deem them clean.

So exactly how much Slurpee can you get in a 26cm tall and 26cm diameter cup? To solve that question, we dug up our high-school math books visited Wikihow. To calculate the volume of a cylinder, all you have to do is find the height (h), and the radius (r), and plug it in to a simple formula: V = hπr2.

The volume of a 26cm cup is 13809.71 Cubic Centimeters. 1 Cubic Centimeter = 0.0338140227 Fluid Ounces.

So if you were to find a perfect 26x26cm cylinder/cup that satisfies all the rules above, you’ll have a 466.97oz Slurpee – or 13 litres!

If you can’t find a 13 litre cup, then a 4L milk jug works as well. [SLURPEE]