City Constructing a New Bike Lane on Sherbrook Street
Image by sfbike

The City is constructing a new dedicated bike lane on Sherbrook Street between the Maryland Bridge and Cumberland Avenue to help Winnipeggers on their Summer commute. It will also be Winnipeg’s first parking protected bike lane.

Parking protected bike lanes are located between sidewalks and parked cars. The parked cars will separate and protect cyclists from vehicle traffic. The new parking protected bike lane will extend from Wolseley Avenue to Broadway on Sherbrook Street. The rest of the bike lane will be a buffered curb side bike lane (a curbside bike lane that is separated from traffic by two white painted lines on the roadway).

Together the parking protected bike lane and the buffered bike lane will form the north bound partner to the south bound bike lane implemented on Maryland Street in 2010.

Get those bikes ready, Summer is just around the corner!